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One thought on “About”

  1. What an arresting image! That and the woman with a rose captured my attention right away. I had to know more.

    Good tie-in to Dr Thistlethwaite’s book. Her thesis made a lot of sense to me. Both of you are correct: we place innocence on a pedestal. But as any mother can tell you, children lose that around 2 or so, as they begin scheming how to modify their world, to get more of what they want. So that way is barred.

    I hear your yearning for a more just, inclusive society. I agree that free-market capitalism doesn’t work and personally, I’m afraid that we are already there, or shortly will be.

    Thanks for inviting me to dream and to vision a different sort of Eden – an Eden where we both nurture creativity and find a way to hold each other accountable for the destructive tendencies that are somehow wired in. It ain’t paradise yet, but thanks to your post, we might yet catch a glimpse of it.


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